Looking for song texts



Where to get them.
I'm lookin for about 20 songtitles, anyone knows, where to get them.

Plz help


try altavista I will find allmost every songtext there


Well i tried it, but i only found 2-3 of them. Or am i looking wrong.

It are the following

Robbie Williams:

  • She’s the one
  • Angels

Ricky Martin:

  • She’s all i ever had

Jennifer Rose :
The power of love

Tina Turner :

  • On silent wings

Enrique Eglesias:

  • Bailamos
  • Ritaem divine

Phil Collins :

  • True colours

Oasis :

  • Wonderwall

R Kelly :
Gotham city
I believe i can fly
If i could tutn back the hands of time

Heb je niks anders te doen, help meezoeken.


Try http://www.lyrics.com/

Sounds logic doesn’t it ???