Looking for some suggestions on a High Quality DVD burner

Greetings All!

First off, as you can see I am a noob extraordinaire, so I apologize for the rather generic question.

I have done a bit of research in to DVD burners, but I would like more input from the enthusiasts at this forum, hence this thread, Thank you in advance for any information you can share!

Now, before anyone begins naming off various models, I have some specific criteria for a burner. This burner will be used for creating master discs of high importance. Therefore, I am looking for the absolute best burning quality available. I am more interested in Dual Layer DVDs and DVDs than CDs, but CD burning quality is still important. I am not too familiar with the available features of DVD burners, so can anyone recommend any specific features I should look for that would be useful for the best error free burning quality possible?

Now, for the things that are not a factor: Price, cosmetics, size, noise and connection type (ide or sata). I believe that covers it for the most part.

If any further details are required before suggestions can be given, please let me know.

Again, thank you for any suggestions or information on this subject!
-The Chieftain

Welcome to CD Freaks.

There are several ‘which drive?’ threads running in the
Optical Drives (CD and DVD Burners, etc.) Forum. You
will find some opinions there. I am a happy Liteon LH-20

Since cost is not an issue, you could always buy two drives.
A Pioneer for burning and a Liteon for scanning seems to
be a good combination.

The Chieftain
An Taoiseach

Thank you.

I’m quite partial to Lite-On myself, however this drive is not necessarily for me, nor will I have to be doing any scanning. Would you recommend I further research in to the current Pioneer drives available? As I’m strictly going to be burning, would Pioneer be my best bet?

Thanks again.

-The Chieftain

I think the Pioneer 111 and 112/212 drives produce some of the highest quality DVD burns at the moment, and they’re especially good with DVD+R DL media. Solid build quality, boring, non-scanning drives. IME they’re only so-so at CD writing. Also, the media you use is a huge factor in creating high-quality, long-lasting (hopefully) backups.

Just a thought: if you’re going to be burning important projects, you will probably want a good scanning drive to provide some insight into the quality of the burns your writer is cranking out.

Sounds good. I will definitely further research the Pioneer drives and those models specifically. Any one that you would recommend out of those specifically?

Good point on the scanning. I will definitely take note of this and think about buying a drive for scanning.

Another quick question for you or anyone else who wants to answer: The drive that I buy is planned to be installed in an external enclosure. Are there any major performance gains from installing the drive in a system instead of going for a external solution? I suspect a slight degradation in quality potential, is that a big enough issue to worry about?

Thank you all again for the information so far.
-The Chieftain

Most USB drives are limited to 12X or so DVD burning because of the USB bandwidth limitation. The quality won’t change though. I don’t see the speed limit really hampering anything because common advice is to burn at half the rated speed of the media.

I don’t have a Pioneer, so I can’t speak from experience. The
current generation of Pioneers have a good reputation for
burn quality and reliability. I don’t think you would go too
far wrong with a Pioneer x12.

Makes sense, thanks.

I’ll definitely look more in to the Pioneer models, thank you!