Looking for some decent quality burners (Duplicating tower)

to run at home as a duplication tower. I am looking for 4 quality drives which wont hurt my pockets. Any suggestions?

Are you looking for dvd or cd drives…


It really depends on the bridge board chip set. A lot of drives have trouble in external enclosures using the Oxford 911 and some people have found that the Prolific 3507 has worked better. However I have not found any bridge boards that use Prolific and most of the distributors I talk to say the 911 is much more compatible.

I would have to assume that the NEC 3520 would be your best bet as it seems to be OK with the 911 but only at 8X. LG and BenQ would also be good drives but they seem to be much more troublesome in external.

Look here for more of the problems people encounter.


Actually I am using my PC tower with 4 drives, sorry if i confused anyone by calling “it” a duplicating tower

Then you want to look here:


and here:



Your second link is OLD.

Try this one:

I am well aware that it is old, that is why I posted it. There is a wealth of information there that is still valuable. And if you had looked at my first link you would have seen that is the same link as you posted. It only has 4 posts which is hardly enough to help a person pick a drive based on other’s experience.

If it’s just burning dvd’s, I would say BENQ 1620, NEC 3500, LG4163.
If you demand a quality drive and need to be able to copy weak sectors, get a Pioneer, Plextor, LG4163, LITE-ON 1633. Pioneer and/or Plextor would be my choice.

Come on, don’t be so mean. NEC is not quality? BenQ 1620 is not a good reader? Clearly your experiences are different.