Looking for some cheap Dual Layer Bluray media (BD-R DL)

Hi guys, well I just recently got a bluray burner with my new laptop, and I’m looking for some cheap Dual Layer 50GB Bluray media (BR-R DL). The cheapest I’ve found so far are about $5-$6 a piece, are they are the following:

But these items come all the way from Japan, and that’s gonna take a while to come, especially when the recent happenings over there …

Do I have any other, preferably even cheaper options which also ship out from somewhere in Europe maybe, if not from within US ?

I dont mind if it burns at 2x max or something … I intend to burn at 2x anyways to get a better burn …

Thanks in advance people … :slight_smile:

Sorry, DL blu ray is very much a niche product, and as such is still very expensive.

One of the better prices I could find in the US is this one at Supermediastore: http://www.supermediastore.com/product/u/verbatim-bd-r-50gb-6x-blu-ray-recordable-dual-layer-media-97335-10pk?filter=Capacity%3D50GB&max=15&offset=0
$8 each with free shipping. But it is a good brand and is 6x media.

If you feel lucky you could try these: http://www.mediamegamall.com/digistor-bluray-disc-50gb-branded-25pk-cakebox-dig1153625-p-32010.html Never heard of these disks before tonight, but this site is not a favorite. We had to warn them about spamming our forums a couple of years ago.
Caveat emptor

That site also has some Maxell 50gb disks for less than $7 each, before shipping charges are added.