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Ok, not really sure that this is the correct place for this question, but I tried to use the search engine provided, however there are too many variables to input for it to work, and I have tried to read various post looking for an answer to no avail, so here goes. Can anyone please tell me the name of, or where to get this type of software? What I need is a program that will allow me to pull a movie apart frame by frame and digitally enhance and alter the scene. What I have is a project that was brought to me to see if anything could be done with it. An older couple had their home movies converted to DVD format from film. After I viewed these DVDs I realized that none of the software that I possessed was up to the task. I have all versions on Nero from 5.? to 7.? Ultra, I also have DVD Creator and a few others that are nowhere near as good as the afore mentioned. The movies were shot 30 to 40 years ago and have scratches, bad spots (white dots) on some frames that change from frame to frame. And for the real bad part, a short piece of the DVD has double exposure, and the gentleman asked if there was any way that it could be separated digitally, as if it had never happened and then put back to DVD format. Now remember, I have to separate each scene, clean it up and then restack it, as if I was working with a book and the scenes were pages in that book. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I use a mac. With the mac the answer is easy. Final Cut Pro.


the answer is easy Kino and dvdauthor. :slight_smile:


Thank you, Thank you very much. :bow:


Well, That didn’t work very well. Any other suggestions? Anyone?


Just how bad, as I guess the amount of frames precludes the kind of hand editing which would be done with photos.

There may be some cleaning plugins that could be used through AVIsynth, but I can’t think of how a double exposure can be deconstructed, unless one of the images is fixed and can be subtracted using a clean template of it