Looking for software to display product gallery

This time I have a rather professional request (but I know we have a lot of rather professional visitors here so…why not give it a shot?)

I’m looking for an application that can display our product gallery…this application must be able to ‘perform’ the following tasks:

-show the name of the product
-show a description of the product
-show our catalogue number
-show the name of the supplier
-show product# of the supplier
-show the weigth of the product
-show our buying price
-show our selling price
-show the retail (market) price
-show our profit margins (by performing selling price minus buying price for instance) it must display results both in percentages as well as absolute figures (real $$$ :wink: ).
-show thumbnail/picture of every product (preferably on the same screen)
-have various search options to secure a fast and easy way to find just ‘what you’re looking for’

all this data must of course be easily changeable and printable

I’m not looking for software that can do a lot more than the above, the only purpose is to have an easy to use and complete database for our products.

If one of you knows a piece of software that fits that description, holler at me!


This is probably not something you want to hear (or looking for), but you can do all this in Microsoft Access combined with Visual Basic.

I assume this is not for online publishing, but for internal use only (offline use)?

In M$ Access you can use forms and of course tables for easy searching, I would recommend forms…It may be hell to set it up at first (especially if you want it to look nice too), but you can easily customize it all.

What you can do as well is set up a thing like this using MySQL and PHP. That way you can put it online quick if you want it too.

you’re right, that was not what I wanted to hear…:smiley:

but anyway: I was already thinking about using a M$ structured database, because a lot of people are familiar with that, and then adding the pics and descriptions by using pop ups…

but hey, you can’t blame me for trying to find an easier way!

(and if I encounter probs you’ll be the first to know anyway)


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