Looking for software to create "greatest hits" cd's easily

I used to use an old version of Easy CD Creator that had a program included that allowed you to extract songs from various cd’s and burn them back to a blank cd, creating a homegrown “Greatests Hits” collection.

That program stopped working when XP came out and Roxio never updated it or included that functionality in any subsequent version of their Creator package.

Does anyone know if there is another software that has this capability? I actually bought Nero (v.8), thinking it had this function, but for the life of me I don’t see how to use that to do this.

In my opinion the easiest way is to use media library software with burning capabilities, instead of using burning software.

You could use something like J. River Media Center (Shareware) or J. River Media Jukebox (Freeware) for ripping/encoding and managing a collection of music. Then you can put together playlists from this collection and burn to CD in Audio CD or MP3 CD format.

If you want full CD sound quality, you can rip your tracks to a lossless format such as APE or FLAC or even WAV (if you don’t care about disk space usage or tagging).

You could probably even use Windows Media Player with its library and CD burning functions (but that is not how I do it).

EAC will rip single tracks from a CD.Name the folder you have EAC rip to what you want.
Do this with as many single tracks from various CD’s as you like.
Rember to keep the amount that will fit on an Audio CD in mind.
EAC will burn but I haven’t tried to burn a folder like this with EAC so it might not do this.
I don’t use EAC to burn CD’s.
I prefer ImgBurn but Burrrn will work also.
I would think Nero would also be able to burn a folder like this but I don’t have Nero so I can’t say for sure.

I reinstalled Nero last night and low and behold it does have the ability I’m looking for, I think. I’m going to play with it some and see how it works. The nice thing is that it keeps a running tally of how much space is left on the blank cd with each song you add!

I would still recommend doing the rips with EAC.
Then burn with Nero.
But if it sounds OK to you with a Nero rip then that’s all you need.

If I were playing the music through my old Marantz receiver, looking for perfect sound, I would agree.

However, playing through a PA system using Peavey SP2 speakers, the sound isn’t what I’d call “audiophile” quality anyhow so, as long as the crowd can make out the songs over their noise it’s good enough :wink:

Thanks for the reply!