Looking for software...NOISE WANTED!

Is there software that will let me ADD noise to my movies?
I’m getting to be an old fart now, and there are times I would like to see a film (film?..Didn’t they make that for some reason at one time?) that HAS pops and checks and jumps and scratches from time to time. In fact I really LONG for it. I have a new projector for my DVDs and a couple of drive-in speakers, and the pole to hang them on…Can you guess what I plan on doing durring the summer? I would like to invite some old (there’s that word) friends over for a good time. I already have a couple of huge sheets stiched together to hang on the side of my shed for a screen and am now purchasing a set of old (there’s that word again)drive-in intermission ads to edit into the mix for fun along with some old cartoons. I would just like a litte jerky, flickery, time-stampy, old fashion stuff to put in my films (where is it that that word keeps comming from?)

Quentin Tarantino did it in his last batch so there has to be a way for this to happen! Please send help!


I’m guessing you use a windows operating system? I’m pretty sure Windows Movie Maker comes with some effects you can use. If you have your movies in avi format, virtualdub has a great filter, http://www.compression.ru/video/old_cinema/index_en.html.