Looking for sofeware - prorgam



hello room newbie here, wanted to ask is there a program or sofeware that can rip basicly anything you see ?


Moving to the Newbie Forum, you’ll probably get more help there ;)…welcome to the forum, BTW!


Opps you posted in the wrong forum. I sure it will get moved to the right place.

This depends on what you mean by rip basicly anything you see.

There is no one program that will do this for you, especially if you need to work around copy protection.

What do you want to rip?

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sorry for posting in the wrong room, but wanting to rip some music videos ,


Please give more info.

Are they contained all on one dvd, and you want to copy it 1:1?

The more information provided on what you want to do, the better chance that you will get help from others as well.

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Yes, please give more info. :slight_smile: