Looking for simple video editing program

Hi… I didn’t want to hijack another thread and my “problems” are slightly different anyway. Here’s the scoop. I bought a Sony digital camera and I love it. It takes great pictures and also great movie clips. Working with stills is no problem, but the sony puts out two (2) combined files which have to be emailed together in order for a recipient to see the clip. I found a program that will “convert” the sony arrangment into one file, but now I need to find a simple, easy to use, “editor” that will allow me to trim the clip to the most fun part (these are mostly video clips of my grandson) so I can either mail smaller, more efficient clips… or maybe group several together and burn them on a CD or DVD.

Just for the record… if you’re just sending clips like this on a disc, does it make any difference to burn them on a CD or DVD? I would assume that a CD with video clips would not play in a TV or PC DVD player, and likewise… a DVD with those same clips would not play in a PC’s CD drive?

Thanks in advance for the help.


What type of file is the clip? If you check over at http://www.videohelp.com/. You should be able to find some free tools to do what you want. You can also look at ZS4 Video Editor. It’s free but looks complicated.

i know one really simple video editor- PresentaVid.com, it can trim your clip easily. it supports most popular video formats and has a lot of basic editing options, and the price is about 100 $. of course you can try free version without any limits

I use MAGIX Movies on CD & DVD 2005. It is really easy to use and does eveything you want. Can create DVD’s and export to various video formats. Also imports popular video formats. I am unsure what video format you camera creates, but look for a package that will import the file(s) directly. Video deteriorates in conversion process.

Ulead has some great tools, but if you can manage to convert the movie to the wmv format, get the free Windows Moviemaker 2 from the microsoft website.

Strange you say that your Sony camera produces 2 combined files for you to send.
I guess you did buy a camera that uses the 8cm DVDs as recording media, if so it produces a DVD with the structure of DVD video VR, so it records in Mpeg2 but what you see are the VBR video files under video_TS folder.
If this is the case, you need to “import” the files to a video editor that will turn them back to Mpeg2 DVD compatible files for you to edit and author a normal DVD that can play.
You can use Ulead’s Video Studio 10, as someone suggested Ulead.
If your editing requirement are not too demanding you can use a aauthoring software that can turn your camera discs into normal DVD video discs, like Ulead’s Movie Factory 5
(see here http://www.ulead.com/dmf/compare.htm)
I think the last version of Magix (the one above or the more complet video editor) will do it, as Pinnacle Studio 10.

If your camera is not DVD, it can either produce Mpeg2 or .avi files - those you edit normaly using Ulead’s product or the others that can capture the file format you get.

Other good advice is to search at the link sikoone gave to you above, where you find advice on freeware that can do your job (with a little extra effort)

I’m using XP on my wife’s machine and we have downloaded windows movie maker. Looking at it, I can’t find any means to compress the mpeg video clips that I have downloaded directly from the camera. I was hoping their might be different frame rates or screen formats available… or maybe some magic software that would make a 9000kb clip into a 3000kb clip with a 1-click wizard. How can you email a clip like that when the ISPs reject it?

The camera is a Sony T30 digital camera, and the only memory source for stills or movies is the 2 Gig Memory Stick Pro chip. I don’t want to make a DVD of these short 30-second clips… at least not yet. My primary objective here is to make something I can email to relatives without having it bounce back.

Isn’t there some freeware or inexpensive converter that will shrink the size of a simple mpeg movie?

AutoGK or Super should allow you to re-encode your clips to Xvid or Divx or some other more highly compressed format.