Looking for similar functionality to part of WMM2

Windows movie maker 2 has a feature that is useful to me, and I am hoping there is a program that does something similar.

When you import a video file, it will break it into clips based on scene changes(more or less. I know it is far from perfect, but with something that has a ton of rapid scene changes, I’m thinking it would save me a ton of work).

That is great and all, but I’d prefer to use another editor to throw my project together. Is there a program that will let me input a video file, and then output clips of the entire file? Preferably so that I could then pick through and input the ones that I want to another editor, and hand edit them further if need be.

Is there such a program? Free would be ideal, but if not theres a good chance they may have it and I just dont know what to look for.

Thank you in advance :smiley:

You can use whatever capture software you want which will scene detect, and then use any of a bunch of free editors like virtualdubmod (you can check at www.videohelp.com/tools for more), import in all of your videos, arrange them, edit them, then encode/author them to dvd…