Looking for silver DVD DL media surface

Hello everyone I’m wondering if any can point me into the direction of brands that produce dual layer media that has a silver surface? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Are you looking for media with an inkjet printable silver surface or a silver recording layer (unfortunately, that’s technically impossible)?

Hello pepst sorry for the late reply. Yes I was looking for silver inkjet or even silver branded dual layer discs I’ve found a couple of brands I’ll put the links below if anyone’s interested. And thanks for welcoming me to the forums. :bigsmile:

[B]MAM-A [/B]




The discs you linked to are not inkjet printable, of course. There’s one Silver inkjet DVD+R DL available. It was being sold at Supermediastore up till recently.
Falcon DVD+R DL Silver Pearl inkjet, here. Used with the right images, they produce a 3D effect making the result look quite impressive.
If you’d like help locating them locally, contact fred.perez@falconrak for assistance or info.

Verbatim would be a good choice for non-printable.