Looking for scratchproof media


I am looking from where I can buy TDK DVD-r 4.7Gb scratchproof. Please does anyone know of a good website ( if possible in Europe ) ?


I know where you can find TY hardcoat maybe other brands too! http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=3553 but remember search is your friend:flower:

I’d pick both Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim scratchproof over the TDK. Not because their scratch proofing is better, but because the discs work better. What’s the use of scratch proofing if the disc has poor write quality in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

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As [B]cd pirate[/B] and [B]jamescooley1[/B] suggest, there are other scratch resistant media than the TDK ScratchProof media, and I would also prefer some of those over TDK 16x ScratchProof media (TDK 8x ScratchProof media is pretty good though).

SVP in the U.K ship to many European countries:
TDK ScratchProof 16x DVD+R at SVP
TDK ScratchProof 16x DVD-R is listed but out of stock at SVP

WeSellCD ship to a few European countries:
TDK ScratchProof 16x DVD+R at WeSellCD
TDK ScratchProof 16x DVD-R at WeSellCD

I would however suggest other scratch resistant media instead of the TDK 16x media.

The best bargain right now are Maxell Xtreme ProTek in 100/150pc packages from SVP:
Maxell Xtreme ProTek at SVP

The best scratch resistant DVD media might be Verbatim Archival Grade, which is scratch resistant, has a gold+silver reflective layer and an inkjet printable surface:
Verbatim Archival Grade 8x DVD-R at WeSellCD

Verbatim also has another scratch resistant DVD without the gold and without the printable layer:
Verbatim Hard Coat Protection 8x DVD-R at SVP
Verbatim Hard Coat Protection 8x DVD-R at WeSellCD