Looking for SATA DVD Burner

I just got a Dell XPS 410 which has a LG GSA-H31N SATA Burner. (The invoice said it was supposed to be NEC). I would like to get another burner which I believe will have to be SATA also. I say this because there is only one IDE cable and it is connected to the USBs in the front. There are four free SATA connections. First, can anyone tell me about the LG? Second, Can anyone reccommend a good burner? I know Plextor has the 755SA. Third, when I install it can I piggyback it off of the cable going to the LG or does it have to have its own cables?
Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately I see your post has not yet been answered…:a
I just posted a somewhat similar question…
but I just got my Dell XPS410 two days ago (built 1/28/07) and this came with the TSST (Samsung?) TS-H653A SATA DVD ±RW drive.
I want to use this drive as the “player” and also (like you?) want a “second” drive as the “main BURNER” !!
Let me at least HELP YOU by saying each and every SATA device, no matter whether it be a HD, CD or DVD or whatever, needs it’s own DATA CABLE, that is… it’s own “connection” to the motherboard for DATA !! The POWER can be “piggybacked” as you say, but NOT the DATA !!
When you look inside your Dell computer, the SATA DATA cables to the HD’s are BLUE and the SATA cable to the optical drives (DVD’s) are orange. It’s just a color coding Dell uses, but if you buy your “second” optical drive MAKE SURE it is SATA and not “parallel IDE” (PATA).
I believe the Plextor 755SA is SATA and would “fit” nicely… just remember to get the correct LENGTH SATA cable (any color will do)… measure the one that is in there (approx.) and get close to the same length.
As far a “performance” of the Plextor, I honestly have no clue just how good or bad THIS particular drive really is, but I am SERIOUSLY considering buying THIS ONE for myself, once I read the majority of positive reviews…
I hope this helped you :iagree:

NewEgg has the Lite-On SH-16A7S available now for < $31. It’s supposed to be a great drive. I’ve got one coming later this week.