Looking for Roxio Creator Home alternative

Hi Forum,

Here is what I have working…I own DVDCloner which I use to rip DVD’s I own to my harddrive. I own DVDReMake which I use to open the ripped files and edit out undesireable parts of my movie.

At this point, I am trying to use Roxio Creator Home to take my edited DVD files from hard drive and burn them to a DVD.

My laptop is a brand new Dell Inspiron which came with the Roxio program loaded on it (for which I paid extra ;-)) …the problem is, Roxio chokes and freezed up before it even attempts to write it to DVD.

I see that DVDReMake doesn’t have an option to burn directly to DVD so I’m hoping someone can recommend another program that is good for taking edited files on the hard drive and burning them to DVD?

Any and all advice and suggestions are appreciated…



Welcome to the forum. You have Roxio 9 Easy Creator on that Dell right? I too have 9 and the new Roxio 10! I have had no problems with any products from these guys at Sonic! It could be a config. setting on your part.