Looking for Ricohjpnr01's? Officemax has them



Not knowing if anyone wants them anymore but they have Imation’s which are Ricohjpnr01. they are going for $14 for a 50 pack. I know they were cause i could see the black pprint in the cinter of the disc. They are 4x and have a gray bottom. Told me that officemax was getting rid of old stock. YMMV since not sure if its all over. :bigsmile:


just burned this and its looks good


If you are near an office max, and want ricohjpnr01’s, it doesn’t hurt the check now and then as they sometimes run them cheaper than that (and they were not in the ads, just on clearance). Another good source for them is maxell 4x+r. I havent seen them on sale in a little while but they have gone for really cheap recentlly and are usally ricoh. I’m not too eager to get any right now though as I have about 350 of em (imation, maxell and tdk). The imations and maxells are usally ricoh but the tdk I’m not so sure about.


Awesome, thanks


Thanks for the post. Do you happen to know what their new DVD branded as “Office Max” happens to be?


When I looked at the packaging, it said “Made in India” for the + and -, so my guess is MBI.


I’m kind of wondering that myself. it’s on sale but the price is kind of high (60$ for 150) unless it is a really good media code. You can get 16x for 10$ per 25 and the 8x stuff is usally a little cheaper now. I wouldn’t mind out trying some if I didn’t have to get 150 to do it (I guess that I could try the 10 packs but thats a ppretty steep price for 8x media, even with cases).


Agreed. Thanks for the info. Sooner or later they will go to 2 for one and I might give them a try if they drop to $25 per 100.


It’s defanatlly mb if it is made in india. It’s the only made in india media out their (at least so far).