Looking for reliable Packet Writing software

Hi guys.

I have used InCD v3.39 & v4.3

In my experience v4.3 was terribly unreliable regularly crashing my system, v3.39 was better but still quite temperamental.
My usage of these programs has been with three different drive manufacturers. Mostly I have used the software with CD-RW but v4.3 I used with DVD+RW as well.

Now I’m thinking of trying out
Drive Letter Access by Sonic Solutions

Would greatly appreciate guidance as to what to do, in particular is it even worth trying Drive Letter Access?

In my opinion, and at great expense, you DON’T want to use either of them. DLA and the new Drag-n-Drop from Roxio is not what most folks need for transferring files. As to Nero’s InCD the same can be said. Neither product is reliable enough for me to even consider using them again. I totally uninstalled all references to each after trying various versions of both and creating more coasters with any drive that I used than the programs are worth.

My advice is to look at Ashampoo’s Burning Studio 6. It is a complete solution for most projects. Has low overhead and space requirements. Very inportant is the fact that it works with virtually ALL drives on the market. Price is very reasonable too. The 30 day trail is worth your time. If you want to do other tasks-then take a look at what others here use, mainly for DVD projects.

Sincere thanks for the reply jc836

I use Nero 6 at the moment which is ok for general burning use if overly complicated.

Packet writing is what I am having problems with InCD is the packet writing part of Nero, the black sheep part… lol

Does Ashampoo have packet writing features/sub program?

I have checked the description Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 but it is not clear from that.


I’ve used DragToDisk from Roxio up to v7.5 & I’ve found it to be quite reliable. It’s far better than InCD & DLA.

Unfortunately from Roxio 8 onwards Sonic has taken over & I don’t like the way things have changed so I’ve stuck to v7.5 of Roxio.

I no longer use DragToDisk as I’ve switched over to DVD-RAM.

Same here - switched from InCD with DVD+RW media to DVD-RAM with the Panasonic DVD-RAM driver.

I’ve not had as many problems with InCD as some people, but enough to stop using it.

I still use multi-session recording with DVD+RW media for temporary backups, however, since multi-session on DVD+RW is more compatible with various utilities (compared to multi-session on any other CD or DVD media).

I am using Ashampoo because it does NOT offer packet writing. Personal experience says that one is better served without the clunky DLA or InCD.

Thanks for the info guys.

Will try out DragtoDisk v7.5 and before.
DVD-RAM is a little too expensive for me at the moment.

jc836 I’m hooked to CD packet writing suppose its my way of dealing with the loss of my long term partner… the floppy :sad:

I know the feeling, but had to move on :slight_smile: I still have an "A:\ drive for legacy work. I think the important thing here is that you need a program that is reliable and creates disks that can be read by ‘any’ drive you insert them in. Have fun testing.

Same here. I have 3 DVD-RAM writer/drives and really like the RAM discs made by Panasonic i have. Panasonic RAM driver works flawlessly here so far in 6 months.