Looking for Reliable BD-Rs (25 GB SLs)

Hey guys! It’s been many months since I last posted at MyCE. Took me a while to find this site again (had to go through all the bookmarks to see which one I “used” to post at).

Anyways, I’m looking for some affordable reliable BD-Rs. A quick breeze through recent threads, it seems TDK is no longer recommended (Ritek), Panasonic (imported from Japan) is now top dog, no mention of Taiyo Yuden stuff, and Verbatim non-LTH is the last to be recommended (Panasonics take the cake).

With that said, the last time I was around, TDK’s BD-Rs looked promising, TY was a maybe, and Panasonic LTH stuff was a no-no. I was going to go with another 25-disk cakebox of Verbatim non-LTH (97457) again, but with others recommending Panasonic, it has been in a indecisive bind.

What should I be looking for? Are Verbatim non-LTH BD-R media still reliable (linky)? What about this Panasonic 4X BD-R media? (Also, anyone buy through Amazon from this “Buy in Japan” seller? Sounds really fishy to me.)

Panasonic, Verbatim non LTH and FTI Falcon are the ones most recommended.

Lots of trouble to get the Panasonic discs in the US now though. You might want to try these FTI Smart Blu discs: http://www.mediamegamall.com/smartblu-bluray-disc-25gb-silver-lacquer-print-25pk-cakebox-sbr4ssh25-p-27685.html

I’ve had good results with them, as have many here at the site. The only caveat is the shipping price from that store.

Isn’t there a direct distributor I can buy from near Chicago for these FTI Smartblus? (Or perhaps I’m mistaken it for another brand of disks.) I remember discussing this with deanwitty before (I believe).


Looking at those Smartblus. I called about shipping rates. $7 for 1 25-disk spindle, $8 for 2+ 25-disk spindles. Not bad. That works out to ($23 + $7) $30 for a single pack to be shipped and ($46 + $8) $54 for two packs shipped.

Looking at the description, it says “TDK Technology” and that has me concerned. I assume this means this would be the good TDK disks (if TDK still made their own BD-Rs) and not the crappy Ritek stuff?

SmartBlu is the house brand of that particular store, but the FTI Falcon discs themselves may be available elsewhere.

There is a Canadian shop that sells them: https://www.duplication.ca/shop/Falcon/

MediaMegaMall also charges a small fee ($4.95) for orders under $50. So you have to add that to the shipping.

Edit: FTI uses the original TDK technology, and have a license for doing so. Since TDK stopped making their own discs, they (TDK) simply rebadge discs from other makers, like Ritek and CMC.

Hmm, didn’t see that. Looks like I’m going with the Verbatim non-LTH disks again. It’s cheaper. Next time (I keep saying that) I’ll invest in $100 worth of Smarblus, so I can avoid that $5 small shipment fee.

Thanks for your help Kerry! Nice to see your teddy bear hasn’t been replaced yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi - I’ve seen the Falcon Pros for sale here in the UK from Riviera Multimedia at the following website: http://www.rivieramultimedia.co.uk/PBSCProduct.asp?ItmID=11754132.

However, I’m confused because they are describing the disc as “LTH low-to-high organic dye”. Have they made a mistake or have Falcon started making LTH?

I’ve emailed them to ask.

hi steve i have some of the falcons from Riviera theyre quite local to me and can confirm they are HTL.

Current Profile: BD-R

Disc Information:
Status: Empty
State of Last Session: Empty
Erasable: No
Free Sectors: 12,219,392
Free Space: 25,025,314,816 bytes
Free Time: 2715:27:17 (MM:SS:FF)
Next Writable Address: 0
Supported Write Speeds: 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x

BD Disc Information:
Disc Type: BD-R
Disc Size: 120 mm
Disc Class: 0
Disc Version: 1
Number of Layers: 1
Layer Type: Writable
DVD Layer Present: No
CD Layer Present: No
Channel Bit Length: 74.50 nm (25 GB Per Layer)
Push-Pull Polarity: Positive
[B]Recorded Mark Polarity: HTL[/B]
BCA Present: Yes
Maximum Transfer Rate: Not Specified
First PAA of Data Zone: 131,072
Last PAA of Data Zone: 1,658,494

Thanks Marcus - I thought their listing must be wrong. Have you been pleased with the Falcons?

Yes very much so compatibility and playback is excellent i cant scan any for you though i dont have a lite-on bd drive

Thanks - I’ll try some myself

Are Falcons better then Panasonic bd-r

Principally I would say no.
Panasonic BD-R25 4x are in most combinations better than Falcon 4x TDK BLDRBB Made in UAE.
There may be some writers where You get equivalent or better results with Falcon BD-R25 4x.

Panasonic BD-R25 6x are in my opinion in any case better than TDK BLDRBD BD-R 6x.
I can´t buy any real Falcons in my country, I can only judge by the Scans posted here.

I have some TDK and Xlayer labeled TDK BLDRBB BD-R25 4x.
The Quality is good, particularly on LG writers, comparable to Falcons with the same MID, but imho no match for Panasonic BD-R25.

I’ve burnt two Falcon Pros now (example attached) and I say they are not quite as good on my Lite-on as the Panasonics. But they are closer than anything else I’ve used.

The other issues for me are longevity and price.

On longevity, who knows how they will compare with Panasonics - only time will tell. However, the reports on this site are generally encouraging.

On price, here in the UK the Falcons Pros ordered in 25s worked out £1.13 each including delivery, whereas the Panasonics are £1.44. That’s 27% higher.

So in the end, you pay your money and make your choice!

Lately I got 50 Panasonic BD-R50 4x for about 39 GBP, shipping included, from a japanese seller at amazon.co.uk, fulfilled by amazon, no trouble with customs.
They were made in Japan, no fakes. I think, that was a good bargain.

Thanks Katraine - I’ve just ordered some.

From here?

If they can be burned like original Panasonics and the scans look like original Panasonics and there is the japanese sign on the spindle which tells “Made in Japan”, they are real Panasonics and no fakes.

I´m not quite sure, if the writer of the one star review really knows, what he is talking about. He has not given one single proof of a fake spindle.

Also it is not clear from which supplier he bought his - there are 25 listed.

I’ve ordered mine from jp-Buy which says “Genuine Products Only”.

Here’s hoping this is true.

The Falcons longevity should be fine, personally not tried the panasonics as the falcons are cheaper

[QUOTE=SteveJC;2693770]I’ve ordered mine from jp-Buy which says “Genuine Products Only”.

Here’s hoping this is true.[/QUOTE]

It will be, he´s a reliable seller and a member of this forum.:wink:

Would this be the same jp-buy ? This looks like a very good offer, although I there is a big difference with the one already posted.