Looking for quite drives

Hey all. New to Drives really been doing comps for about 3 years but drives have never seemed like a big issue. Recently though I’ve been working on a quiet CPU and my drives are hella loud. I was looking for some super quiet drives. I don’t do much burning of any type, not that I wouldn’t but I’ve never got into it yet. I imagine I would like to have 2 drives. Both black with CD-RW and DVD don’t care if it’s ±R/RW would like to keep it under 100 for both. THanks

i had bad experience with NEC 3550A being very loud so I ended up RMA it…looking for something better.

Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Among my drives, the quietest one in my new Benq 1650. I would certainly recommend it, it’s a great burner.

I only have Pioneer, Benq and Nec drives here, so I have no clue about the Plextors, LG and LIteOn being quiet or noisy.

Well I can vouch for the Plextor 716A. It is the quietest drive I own and can be made even quieter with the use of Plextools Silent Mode. It is over $100.00 for just one drive though.:slight_smile:

For half of that price and with Nero’s DriveSpeed or CD bremse (german) you will have a quite reader or a drive for your HT system.

Don’t think you can do that much about drive sound when burning. Best is just to try burn on “low-speed” rated media. :wink:

Francksoy had some good suggestions about brands.

Hi Francksoy,
I have a Benq 1650 and an LG 4263b and can tell you the LG is considerably quieter than the Benq.

Hi weedougie, thanks for the info. Woaw, as I consider my 1650 as being very quiet, the LG must be really outstanding.

This said, it’s possible that there is something wrong wih some 1650 units, as I’ve came across a thread where a guy complains about the noise… http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=1292227#post1292227

Both my LGs (4163B and 4167B) are very quiet. The LiteOn is pretty loud. :slight_smile:

I agree with Archne , LG drives are very quiet , i have a 4160b and a bud of mine has a 4167b , although my benq dw1640 is not noisy either …

cool thanks very much guys. I will have to look at some of these

What is the difference between E-IDE and IDE?

I have a Benq 1655 which I find to be very quiet. Lightscribe is virtually noiseless as well.

Most drives these days come with some form of quiet technology, that being said Lite-Ons are probably the noiseist drives in histroy. I wouldn’t recommend them for burners but Samsung probably makes the quietest drives in existance.

BenQ’s DW1640/50 are quieter than NEC and Liteon ones, Plextor is better BenQ but not by much.

Hehe, glad I’m not the only one to notice that! :slight_smile:

Pioneer, anyone? However, once again I agree with Arachne…LGs pretty good for the price…LiteOns can be heard chugging away at times. :iagree: :slight_smile: :iagree: