Looking For QUALITY DVD9's



The last few Verb Singapore 2.4 cakes I bought from different sources most of the discs were scratched on the recording surface near the outside (including my most recent purchase directly from Amazon, NOT a party seller). They give great burns until the last 10% where the scratches are…The only decent verbs I’ve found in the last couple years was 1 pack of NOS I bought from someone here!

I even got a counterfeit pack on ebay that formatted automatically for Xbox in mostly Chinese writing (just enough English so I knew what I was seeing) the instant I clicked on burn on IMG Burn.

My last experiences with FTI/Falcon DVD9’s were wildly inconsistent (Including samples they sent me).

My main burner is an Oppo AD-7200-S with custom firmware (1.0B; I think it was Liggy’s if I remember right). It gives excellent burns on TY 8x+'s with Silver Finish & on various NOS that folks give me a few pieces of here & there; I haven’t found any other dvdr’s that give quality burns in a long time.

With all that said, any QUALITY DVD9 recommendations (Including vendor)?




The ones I’m having issue with are all MKM-01’s. The scratching during packaging is the problem (other than the counterfeit batch which was a combo of 01& 03.) And they had the same scratching, too!