Looking for quality dvd burner

Are there any burners that will copy safedisc protected games/movies?

Im looking for a burner mainly for movies but also for ps2 games. Ive been searching and searching but there are just so many out there im getting a head ache.

Price is definetly a concern but i want something that will burn quality games/movies with less the head ache.

At first i was looking at the BenQ 1640, but it cannot copy safedisc dvds. Can you get around this?

Any help appreciated.


The Benq 1640 is an excellent burner. I can’t speak from experience on the whole safedisc copying thing, but according to the review by CDfreaks here,

The BenQ DW1640 qualifies as a two sheep writer

· No sheep: Can’t backup any Safedisc 2 versions without the help of software tricks · 1 Sheep: Can backup Safedisc 2 up to version 2.4x without software tricks
· 2 Sheep: Can backup Safedisc 2, including version 2.5x
· 3 Sheep: Can write all possible weak sectors, few if any writers could do this.

NEC would be my second suggestion.