Looking for ps2 copy games and software

i hope somebody can help me
im looking for a software that let me play ps2 copydvd
wath can i do?
tanks a lot :confused:

To copy ps2 games use Alcohol 120%, and use the playsation 2 data profile. Use DVD-Rโ€™s only.

You need a mod chip or purchased boot disc to play your backups - for DVD backups, any DVD copy software will do, Nero Alcohol 120% or my fave CloneCD.

I have a new slim PS2 and I can use + and - Rโ€™s no problem.

You have to get a MOD CHIP

No you can do it with swap discs, a mod chip is just easier when fitted as it is a once only process.

Swap discs:

  1. Damage your PS2.

  2. Donโ€™t work for a substantial percentage of games.