Looking for program to test audio CDs for skips

Hello Club CD Freaks members:

I am attempting to seek out a program that tests original, non-CDR music CDs, DVDs, Playstation games, etc. to see are there is any playability issues (such as skips, stutters, freezing up, etc.).

I have hundreds of items that need testing so I cannot simply listen to each and every CD; I need something that can very accurately test a CD in five minutes or less, if possible. If the program can tell me the exact problem areas, that will be very desirable as well.

Please let me know if anyone knows of any program fitting these parameters. I will be very happy if I can find such a program. :smiley:

CD Guy

I don’t think there is a program that could recognize skips etc on such discs by “AI”.

Nero CD DVD Speed can test the readability of a CD. There’s a whole bunch of stuff about CD & DVD testing a few sections down from here (in ‘Blank Media’). It won’t tell you if a given CD will skip however.

But wouldn’t an audio CD that is not “readable” in a certain area mean that it would also skip in that “unreadable” area, or would this not always be the case?

CD Audio has some pretty robust error correction built into its standard so the occasional bad sector or two won’t necessarily cause a skip.

Would it be possible for a CD to skip when this program detected zero bad sectors? Or, could a CD skip in an area that is not detected as a bad sector by the program?

B/c if a skip would occur ONLY in a bad sector (but not necessarily in EVERY bad sector), this would enable me to much more efficiently discover skips by 1st testing for bad sectors, then placing the CD in CD player and physically listening for skips in only those areas, rather than needing to physically listen to entire CD for skips if CD appears that skips may be present.

A CD/DVD can play fine in one drive but give problems in another drive. It all depends on the quality of both the disc and the drive. I’ve burned DVDs that read back great just after burning but fail in the same drive the very next day. This is with absolutely NO damage to the disc. So a program that tells you good or bad for any particular CD/DVD would be worthless.


possible, not very likely.