Looking for program 2 unzip .rar

iknow that winrar unzips almost everything… but i have winrar and hate it… does anyone know of a converter that turns .rar into .zip files? i don’t care how much it costs though, i don’t care if it is :bigsmile: 1 million dollars :bigsmile: i will buy it… i’m desperate :smiley: :smiley:

There’s an Archive Converter tool in PowerArchiver (at least in my older 2004 version).

PowerArchiver isn’t free, but it only costs $20.

is there a free trial to this so i can see if i like it so i don’t throw away some money for something i don’t like?

I’m not sure. Try downloading the program here and see if it allows you to install without entering a serial number.

ok my download just finished, hopefully there’s a trial for it

yup there is a trial… and i do like it, it’s way better than winzip. i’ve decided to buy it because, well obviously if a moderator recommends it, that means it’s good…

i know what your thinking, i make decisions way too fast but who cares i got lots of spare leafy green bills and a bankcard, visa etc.

well you can also settle for zipgenius/peazip/tugzip/izarc (all 100% free and supports .rar)

[B]edit[/B] oh and theres also 7-zip

powerarciver supports all of those types of files and i have already chose powerarchiver 2007, but if anyone asks that same question… i’ll recommend the ones you said

I do. Give me all that money before it’s gone! :slight_smile:


Hahahahahahahaha oh man that’s the funniest thing i’ve read here in a long time thanks for the laugh dude

Probably a little late as this post is fairly old, but if you had Winrar you have the option under Archive in winrar to zip files and designate them Winzip or Winrar and you can password protect them if you want

theres also zip genius


IZarc is free, works great and is my preferred zip utility. Why pay $20 for a program when there are great alternatives which are free?

That’s my choice too. :slight_smile: