Looking for preferred CD-R

I got a pio 111L. I need to backup a few PS2 games that I got when PS2 launched. My PS2 won’t read the originals anymore, so I’m hoping a backup of them will work on my chipped PS2.

A few of these launch games are on CD, not DVD. So, I’m looking for preferred CD-R brands that will not kill my PS2 laser. I want to be able to pick up the CD’s @ the local brick and mortar stores.

Verbatim Pastels (a TY dye) & Super AZO are amongst the best, with latter being fairly easy to find. Might be called something else in the USA though.

I heard that Super AZO is rare in the US now. And there are no Pastels in the States either!
Taiyo Yuden (formerly Fuji, now still available as unbrandeds @ Rima.com) is good media, but I’m not sure about PS2 compatibility.

So no good brands can be found @ local stores? I just have to be really lucky to find those rare ones suggested above…

Aren’t the Maxell Audio CD-R (Made in Japan) TY Disc’s??

The Made in Japan (TY) Verbatims, with “Extra Protection Surface” burn great for me (I have a scan of one up on here somewhere).

I was lucky to find them in a B&M store, though.

As for PS2, I believe someone on here backs up their PS2 stuff to TY DVDRs, so I don’t see that TY CDR would be any different. :slight_smile:

I’v’e onl’y see’n the’m MI’C fro’m Rite’k.
(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)
They’re called Maxell Pro btw :stuck_out_tongue:

Office Depot has Maxell CDR-Pro (not audio only) that are Taiyo Yuden. Sometimes you can still find Fuji that are Taiyo Yuden at Best Buy or Fry’s… look for “Made In Japan” on the package. Circuit City has TDK “Xtreme”, but I don’t know what those are or if they are any better than anything else.

Tha standard Verbatims you can find around here are CMC made and they’re not Super AZO. Everything else tends to be the same (I swear OfficeMax has 15 different brands, at all different prices, and they are all CMC…)

My coloured Maxell CD-Rs (like the ones below) work great on my PS2.


I don’t know of anyone who sells them anymore. Good media though.

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Couldn’t think of the “Pro”, thanks for filling in my empty brain space :wink:

Sounds to me like you got a bad laser on that PS2…To answer your question, I would get a drive that allows bitsetting. Although those disks aren’t going to play either(unless you just got bad disks, then they probably won’t burn). A new laser for those playstation(depending on if it is a slimline one or a normal version) cost about $25-$60, the slimline laser being cheaper. Although if it does cost you $60 then you might be better off getting a new unit since that is about half of the cost.(and I imagine you might be able to find the PS2 cheaper once the PS3 comes out at x-mas) You can try realigning the laser yourself, sometimes this will fix the problem…Check out this link. There are many more links to this problem, just try google…It seems as though it is a really common problem with PS2, especially when they get to be about 3 years old. Hope this helps.

I would buy TY cd-r disks by the way. Since I just noticed that you wanted to burn the ps cd-r’s not the ps2 dvd’s.

I would have thought that basic Verbatim media would be available at most places, without having to go on-line for an order and that they should be ok.

Not being a gamer, well I used to play Elite :wink: I dont know about this PS backup thing, all I do know is that a chipped one has more chance of reading a problem disk, but then you are getting into the opening up the box area. That said I know someone who used to ‘chip’ them and if he could do it then its not rocket science, with the first lot it was only about 4 wires to solder IIRC.

definitely not rocket science…Although it does take a pretty steady solder hand…And some good eyes. Some of those connections are pretty tiny.

I ended up getting Maxell CD-R Pros MIJ. I found them in a package of 5 in jewel cases at a Borders bookstore. I made backups of the PS2 games that weren’t working and now they work fine.

Thanks for the suggestions on the Maxell CD-R Pros. TY CD-Rs are definately good quality.