Looking for PocketPC/Windows mobile software

I just got a PDA (Asus MyPAL 636) running Windows mobile 2005. Now I want some nice softwares on it. I already got me TomTom (what a great app that is), MagicButton for task switching and PocketSudoku :). What more software can you guys & gals advice me? It’s not I’m looking into a specific category, but rather nice software I should not miss, is fun or whatsoever. Of course, being Dutch, I prefer free software, but don’t hestitate on tipping me about commercial software too.

Oh btw… the PDA has WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS buil-in, so wardriving apps are okay too :stuck_out_tongue:

Our Toshiba PDA (e750/755 wife’s) have this application called ConfigFree that can detect wifi within area and show some info including SSID, MAC, Channel, Signal Strength, estimate distance and Protected or not. The coolest thing is the app is like an airplane radar where the “airplanes” are the wifi SSID signals circling around. I think it’s only compatible with toshiba though.

Other applications:

  • Remote Display control, control your PDA from your PC
  • Theme Generator v2, make your own theme
  • ConverterCE, converts temperature from Celcius - Fahr, weight, speed etc
  • Calc98a, calculator


  • ChessPPC
  • Tetris :slight_smile:

What is the GPS application? I bought Pharos and it’s pretty good.

Thanx Zevia!

The GPS application I am using is TomTom. It’s a Dutch product (internationally available though) and considered to be one of the best. I never tried any other GPS software, but I’m really happy with TomTom :slight_smile:

Gonna try me some programs now. PocketPuTTY seems very nice…!

Is your Pocket PC compatible with MiniStumbler?
I’m not really into this, so excuse me for being a n00b.