Looking for Plextor PX-716AL in the uk

Ive been waiting a long time for this drive as im a big fan of the slot loading mechanism(personal preference). I first thought it was released in april but apparently it was delayed till the 15 june, anyway i cant find this drive in stock in any of the usuall online sites i visit, so im asking if anyone knows anywhere i can get hold of it within the uk or at least somewhere where it will ship to the uk.

Thanks in advance

the only suggestion I have is Ebay UK

I love the idea of slot loading, especially CD player in the car, but I hate the fact that you have to worry about the loading mechanism. If it gets old and the loading mechanism wear out, your player will start chewing up you discs

Thanks for the suggestion ghetocowboy, i have been checking ebay(no luck yet). Im wondering does anyone actually own this drive? has it been released and shipped or is it still being delayed?