Looking for Photoshop 5.5



I Want this prog.
List is at http://ozcds.homepad.com


i have the full version of photoshop 5.5. email me.


I have the full cd of the English and the Dutch version.
I have also a Tour & Training cd for it.

With the full cd of Photoshop 5.5 are also shipped plugins and other goodies.

When you are interested, email me at:

Also for more info, full list etc.


I have Adobe Photoshop 5.5 english version, with a lot of plugins:

<LI> Kai’s Extensis Mask Pro 2.0
<LI> Extensis PhotoGraphics 1.0
<LI> Extensis PhotoTools 3.0
<LI> Kai’s Power Tools 5 and 3
<LI> KPT Goo
<LI> Eyecandy 3.1
<LI> Paint Alchemy 2.0
<LI> Terrazzo 2.0
<LI> Typecaster 1.15
<LI> AutoF/X AutoEye 1.0

Email me with your offer at bchew007@hotmail.com


I have it with the plugins mail me