Looking for old windows media player type auto tagger

I am SUPER frustrated trying to find a good mp3 auto tagger. I want something where I can specify the artist and song name and then the software brings up my options. This is the way the old Windows Media Player used to work. The new wmp 12 sucks. It only has one search box where you put in whatever info that you know and then it brings up 1000 choices which you painfully have to scroll through to find the right one. who has time for that? its easier just to manually edit the damn thing.

So i’ve tried the following:
winamp ->send to autotag Problem with this? It only gives you one choice, often times the tags are incorrect. Other times the tags are pulling up and tagging the wrong album or a “greatest hits” or “mixed top 40 album” Is it so FREAKEN HARD to ask the stupid thing to tag the original album???

media monkey -> autotag from web feature is horrible. It never brings up the right info even if i type it in the ONE search box

mp3tag -> most of the sources require the ALBUM name to be known. The whole reason I need auto tag is for the database to search for the ALBUM name!! A search by artist brings way too many results and you need to know the ALBUM name!

Forgive my ignorance if there is an easy way to do what I’m trying to do, any suggestions would be most welcome!

WMP will automatically fill in blank fields given time.

When I add tagged mp3 files to my "music library"
I NEVER neter “publisher” or “composer” information

(FWIW I use “tagscanner” to add my mp3 tags)

yet over a period of days, weeks, months WMP gradually fills in that information.

with each open and closing of WMP (or reboot of the computer) it finds more… if you are patient enugh it’ll fill in quite a few fields, but the fields MUST be truely “empty”

For automated tagging, Auto-Tag in WinAmp is pretty cool. It ‘listens’ to the song and goes out to GraceNote and fills it in for you.

try:The Godfather or Music Bee for kix