Looking for old firmware...noob :(


Just registered here and found the site really useful so far but hopefully someone can help me out.

I’m looking for an old firmware version for my Emprex S801e DVD burner. The new updates (BO48) have caused havoc and my drive no longer recognises any of my media. I’ve been told elsewhere that if I reinstall version BO42 it should sort it but I can’t find it anywhere on google etc.
Any ideas?


Emprex == BTC…

You might want to try this entry in the rpc1.org firmware database:

Thanks for the info code65536, never knew emprex was also BTC - that would have made things a little easier!

However, it hasn’t solved the problem though! Any ideas why my drive would suddenly stop reading ANY media I put in? I’ve tried loads of different kinds like Emtec and Philips which I know are poor, but my Verbatim CD-R, 2 different TDK DVD+RW’s and Traxdata CD-R don’t work either.

Any ideas would be great, I’ve emailed Emprex direct but from what I’ve read elsewhere I’ll probably get no response :sad:

Thanks again

Maybe the flash process messed up the Windows configuration somewhere? is just guessing at the moment

See if you can get the drive to read outside of Windows. One relatively easy way to do this is to configure your BIOS to boot up from your drive and then pop in a bootable CD (e.g., a Windows install CD) and see if it will boot up from it.

BTW, now that we’ve established that this is really a BTC drive, I’m moving it to the BTC forum. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the help again!

I’ve been having a look at the previous BTC firmware versions and have installed a few of the olders one’s, just to hoping to get lucky! Again no joy, but when I go to install the newer versions (BO42+) I get a process failed error message, right at the end at the “information clearing” point. ARGH! Once the process has ended I check the version and it show’s that it has updated but it does end the updating program prematurely

Does this mean it’s the bios or give you any more ideas? I’m by no means a pc novice but messing about with the bios may be too much!

btw - the drive is being recognised by everything now, it’s just not reading the media.

Thanks again :slight_smile: