Looking for new software

Hello, just found this site while surfing, seems to be a great site. My question is this, Right now I am using Icopydvds2 and dvd43 to back up my movies, It has worked very well in the past but as of late seems to be giving me trouble on certain movies. Not sure if its because of new write protection or scraches etc… I have been reading some of the fourms and it seems that everyone has a different opinion on software, I am looking for something very simple to use which is also very dependable. It has to be easy to use cause I don’t know anything about ripping movies or deleting files or anything else that alot of you are talking about around here :confused: With icopydvds2 all I had to do was pop in the disc and click copy. What do you guys recommend and why? Also I’m wondering if dvd43 is the root of my problems in which case what program would work in conjuction with icopydvds2?

For example anydvd, if you’d like to buy some new software i’d recommend you anydvd in
combination with clonedvd. For the free stuff you can get dvdshrink and dvddecrypter which are no longer updated but anyways good tools, also dvdfabdecrypter.

CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD both are excellent programs and are updated quickly anytime a new protection is detected.