Looking for new Sata Dvd burner

I know that this question has been asked thousands of times but i am not sure which one to go with and need some advice.

I need 2 internal Sata dvd burners which will be mostly used for backing up dvd movies in my collection. I rarely burn cd’s mostly dvd-r i like to use verbatium media but also use maxall. In the past i have had burners from plextor, lite on, sony, and pioneer. Sony and pioneer were a long time ago plextor and lite on more recient and i have had some but few issues with them all. I do mostly Dvd to dvd copying and as i said need 2 good reliable drives that won’t cost a lot.

Any recomendations would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks in advance

depends what u can get where u r.

optiarc 72* and samsung or lg, pioneer, and liteon, those ones usually, much of a muchness, but the former about the ‘best’ burners, its very splitting hairs.

yes its been asked 1000s of times, and now most of those q’s don’t get replied

don’t get too hung up on it. just go for one, it’ll be ok, and if you get a dud, don’t write the whole make off. it happens.

u can get 2 samsung 203s if u don’t mind one brand, or b interesting and an optiarc and a sammy perhaps.

up2 ur good self.

poeple say the sammy 223 isn’t as good as the 203, ditto with the pionner 216, v 215, I am not sure its massively significant.

so if u really care, sammy 203 and pioneer 215, if not, the 223 and 216.