Looking for new external dvd burner

Hey !

I’m looking for a new ext.burner for my notebook. curently i have a Samsung ts-e552u and a liteon slw-831sx. I cant get over 6x with both of them, tried a lot of diffrent media and software. The computer is a DELL precision m 70.

Im looking for a drive that support 16x, a alot of difrent media and mybe lightstribe. Any sugestions?

I’ve looked a bit arround in the forum, but couldent find anyting related to this tread, anyway im a noob on this…

I have been searching for the same thing in the forums. Came to this conclusion -
Lite-on LH-20A1H or a LG lightscribe one will suit you best.
LG’s are better writers but with lite-on you have a better reader/scanner and no riplock. If you are not concerned with riplock go with LG.
Hope this helps.

I have almost the same question:
LG E10L vs. Samsung SE-S184M

The drives cost the same (here), and I have a lot of TYG03 DVD-R media from Verbatim. Which one would you recommend for fast and reliable burns? Being lightscribe compatible is not an issue, just DVD±R SL quality/reliability!