Looking for NeroVision but not NeroVision

I love NeroVision 3 for converting avi to dvd, authoring and fantastic menu and burning to DVD. I want to make a DVD with all my avi clips organized in a nice menu. Unfortunately, NeroVision hangs on me almost ALL of the time during editing or transcoding.

I need software that is as good and user-friendly as Nero, but has stablity. It has to author with menus, transcode, and preferably burn, too. I’ve tried Ulead Moviefactory (crappy-makes one giant VOB file). TMPEng DVD Author (need a seperate transcoder, not very nice menu options).

Basically, is there any good authoring program out there that is as easy, complete and wonderful as NeroVision…but works!?


All-In-One is a misnomer(Does not exist). What I can instead suggest is instead a 3-Step process which will do everything you want in the exact manner that you asked for.

  1. Try TmpgEnc Plus for encoding the avis to Mpeg2(DVD-Compatible or Mpeg1 Or Mpeg2 Non-Standard Res- Please see the Tmpgenc posts and guides for what all this means).

  2. Take the output and make world-class DVD’s with DVD Lab Pro which has all the menu functions that you could dream of. If you are not that hot on Menus then Tmpg DVD Author(much simpler with a narrower learning curve than DLP) is the way to go.

  3. Then the final o/p has to be burned with Nero which is the best ONLY FOR BURNING. There is a post about that too.

If you are wondering why I didnt suggest 1 Software is that if the Authoring part of the software is great then the Encoding “USUALLY” Sucks. On the OtherHand if the encoder is great then the Authoring usually sucks. So for the best of both worlds, The above soln. is the best. And HONESTLY the amount of time the above three will take will be less than 2 Hours for the DVD depending on how complex the menu structure is. More complex more time. Simple 1 Level Menu = Total time LESS THAN 2-3 HOURS ON 3 GHz P4 HT.

PS: You will also require Avisynth(Google it) filter[actually frameserver] for allowing Tmpgenc to be able to read the avis.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help Unicorn. That wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear! :confused: I don’t wanna have to use all that different software. You’re supposed to tell me that there is a wonderful new software that will make my dreams come true…but then I guess you’d be selling something :smiley: I wish a company would come out with a good all-in-one. But I guess you’re right. I’ll have to suck it up and do it the 100 step way.

BTW NeroVision does it ALL very nicely and works nicely with my buddies computer for smaller compilations. I wish it would work on mine. I think it has a memory issue or conflict. It gets really angry when working with 4+gigs of menu and raw avis. Can’t say I blame it too much. That’s a lot of info to handle when it has to do EVERYTHING! from menu-transcode-burn.

Hi hanguker,

If you think about it, iis just 3 steps but if I guess(and I suspect that I’m right) then you have your heart set On NeroVision, then nothing I say or tell will change your mind. I remember I was that stubborn(not you, me) about using Easy CD Creator( Well you know how Great that was???) eons ago UNTIL someone opened my eyes to the magic of Nero. But it is only that good UNTIL you try something better. No commercial plugs here. Try the software you feel most comfortable with.

Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot for all of your help and advice Unicorn. I think the biggest issue I’m having with DVD lab and the other authoring programs is the menu system. This is what i want to do:

I have a bunch of avi’s that I want to convert to dvd compliant files. All is good and well.

Now I convert them into seperate VOB files with WINavi or whatever. Now when I try to compile them onto a dvd with authoring software (other than NeroVision) the programs try to either compile all of my VOB files into one giant file and let me create menu based on a gazillion chapters (really bogs the computer down) or creating the kind of menu I want with about 13 different files is extremely taxing and time-consuming (DVD-lab…you can’t use the automatiic menu system unless you are organizing by chapter…NOT clip). <–huge problem!

I want…I guess you call it an episodic dvd where I can scroll through the different ‘episodes’ I don’t want a giant long VOB file and work with tons of chapters. Too hard on me and my computer :slight_smile:

I hope you can understand my problem. Its hard to explain by typing. Thanks.

have you thought of using another app to create your dvd video files, then using nero vision express make dvd option only to create menus for those files ?

Thanks for the help Ghosters. I’ve tried what you suggested. I had converted my avi’s to VOB files with WinAVI. Then I imported them to Nerovision 3. After that, when I went to burn it tried to do a transcode. The files are already DVD compliant from WInAVI, no? Anyways, I get a transcoding error (obviously) because they are already transcoded and compliant. Is there any way to disable NeroVision from trying to transcode already transcoded files? That the only sticking point for me.


You could have a darn simple soln. Here’s what you exactly do:

  1. Use Tmpgenc to convert all the vob’s to dvd compliant files(mpeg1/mpeg2- choose correct res either std/non std.).

  2. Now your problem in Dvd lab was chapters right? Forget it. There is something called Movie segment try that. My guess is it is exactly what you want. What it allows is navigating between “Clips” as you said without creating chapters in them and “NO MEnus”. Problem solved. Read the Help in DVD lab Pro(not dvd lab standard-does not have the facility) for more details.

Hope this helps.

Hey Unicorn. Thanks for all the help. I followed your first step, but converted my original avi’s to mpeg. Then I tried Ulead Moviestudio and I finally got an “episodic” DVD with nice menus. NeroVision, of course didn’t work and tried to transcode my mpegs AGAIN! Thanks again for the help. I think I’m going to stick with tmpgenc and Ulead.


Whatever suits you and solves your problem.

Im trying to build a com dll giving a wizard functionality integrating the application NeroVisionAPI from Nero SDK, but after compilition the com dll gives the following error while registering … any help … :bow:

------ Build started: Project: DVDAuthoring, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------

Creating library Debug/DVDAuthoring.lib and object Debug/DVDAuthoring.exp
Performing registration
Project : error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from “Performing registration”

Build log was saved at "file://d:\Work\DVDAuthoring\Debug\BuildLog.htm"
DVDAuthoring - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

---------------------- Done ----------------------

Build: 0 succeeded, 1 failed, 0 skipped

What exactly did you do??