Looking for Mpeg2 verifier / validation of corrupt files


I’ve recently discovered that the DVD-Video DVDRs I’ve been burning have had incorrect bytes written to the DVD (bad IDE cable, check out http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=155152 )

The result of this, I have a NEW problem.

I’ve been burning DVD-Video of my old VHS tapes.
I’ve burnt two copies of each DVD I’ve created.
I know that both copies of the DVD-Video will have a number of errors in the bytes written, on scanning some DATA DVDs written, it’s about 50 errors / 2 gigs of data.
It will be unlikely that the errors on each disk will be at the same locations.

I’m looking for a program that can scan an mpeg2 video file, and point out which frames are invalid mpeg2. That way, scanning both copies of the video, I’ll be able to re-create the original correct mpeg2 video.

I’ll most likely do this with some 5 minute program I whip up, unless there are already available programs.

I’d imagine that the errors will only produce tiny unseen glitches, but these are my childhood VHS tapes and I would like them to be as perfect as possible.

Just play the discs. Errors in the data may or may not affect playback. The effects could range from none at all to small glitches to frozen playback.