Looking for Maya and SoftImage

I am Looking for Maya and SoftImage, can anyone provide a link.

Thank you.

edit I looked around to see if this type of question was NOT allowed, and didn’t see anything. Sorry if I missed it, please let me know if this is a problem.

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Try here:

Thank you, I have Softimage in the works, any idea about a link for Maya? Thanks again

Or try here: http://kickass.at/Michelangelo/
It’s probably on myspace, so you need to have an account and use Drive To Hell to make downloading from myspace easier. Get this nifty little tool here: http://caossoft.thehiveworld.de/


Though Maya was there too somewhere…

maybe follow one of those links to affiliated sites…
know for sure i just saw it when browsing that site

links to other sites are fine.