Looking for LG 4080N Firmware without rip lock

Hello Friends,

i have got a damn problem… i need a firmware for the LG GMA 4080N firmware without the rip lock. I find nothing in the web. You have allready hacked some other FM´s from LG, can You hacking the firmware for the 4080N.

Im going crazy, i am going to rip a Video DVD… and everytime i have to wait 52 Minutes (double layer disc)

Can you help? Its very important for me. Or can i go a nother way to rip a Video DVD faster with my Drive (without to take it in the wastebasket :sad: )

Im from Germany, so i am sorry for my bad english. :bow:

Yours Michael

Why don’t you just buy a better drive if you really “need” to rip so fast?