Looking for Latest Firmware Dvr-k16ra

I’ve an Acer Aspire 1650 laptop tried to flash the firmware that was available
from pioneer-electronics but to no avail. Where can i find the latest firmware for said drive?

BTW here’s some info

E: Device Type: DVD/CD-Rom
Product ID: DVD-RW DVR-K16RA
Product Rev: 1.25
Vendor Info: 05/09/16 PIONEER

You have to ask ACER.

The newest one is 1.42, TDB site has it

Thanks for the replies…another question anyway of flashing this OEM drive to a proper pioneer Dvr-K16ra drive or equivalent.

RA is always ACER OEM.

Don’t try to fight with flashing slimline drives unless you exactly know what you are doing…

@chef…Thanks for the info will contact Acer.

Uhm, I think it would be a dead horse.
The can’t and they won’t give any info about crossflashing.

1.16 seems to be the latest available from ACER. The one on your drive is already newer.
Pioneer ones is 1.42, but I think it’s best not to crossflash…