Looking for input



ive been using a bunch of different dvd programs and I just wanted to know from the pros out there what it is you are all using for the new releases because im having some trouble with combinations of my software, i want to use something reliable and not have to try out 3 or 4 different programs.

BTW. I am using dvdfab, dvd shrink (im downloading dvdshrink 5 from emule as we speak), dvdecriptor, dvd copy, nero


No idea what DVD Shrink 5 is. I’d suggest you leave that one alone.

I burn my Audio & MP3 CDs with Roxio 7.5 , although Burrrn does as good a job for Audio CDs.

For DVD videos & always use ImgBurn and for data CD/DVDs Nero 6 or Imgburn.

For DVD ripping it depends on the DVD protection scheme. I’d go with a combination of DVD Decryptor & Ripit4Me or AnyDVD and then DVD Shrink to compress to a single layer disk.

There’s not really 1 app that does everything right so people use what they find best for a particular function.