Looking for inkjet dvd+r's and cd's

Hey guys,

Whats the current best deals for “the good stuff” in inkjet printable CDs and DVD+R’s? I’m burning on an NEC 3550A

I’m kind of wondering the same. Unfortunatlly they do not go on sale locally very often (in the US anyway). It might be worth watching the micro center ads (they had verbatim 16x printable 18$ for 50 a little while ago, maybe they will do it again). I’m kind of wondering what good online deals people have found?

You can find some decent pricing at www.cdeverything.com

Sam’s Club has 100 16x Verbatim +Rs for around $42 I believe. Otherwise, check out www.rima.com.

All I see there are ritek and cd everything brand. What media code are the cd everything brand?
@RickDriver, the only thing I hate about sams club is that I wind up buying a membership and since its kind of a ways from home, I never wind up using it. Do they still have some sort of a guess pass that you can get (and you have to pay like 10 percent more or something)?
I might have to start shopping online at rima.

I don’t know if they still have a guest pass. The first time I went, I was told that I could walk around and see if I wanted to become a member. They do have a better blank media selection than Costco, but that might not be worth $40 a year.

Last time I got a membership, it was to get a canon printer a few years back. At a later date, I got a 15$ pack of ilford paper. Thats it. The paper cost me 30$ and the printer at 15$ more was as expensive as anyone else (and canon said the sams club model was a special deal so I got screwed out of a 30$ canon rebate).
They have good prices and I would shop there if they were across the street. They are not really that far, but in city traffic it can take an hour to get there and gas is 3$ a gallon so it’s gotta be a really good deal. thats why I would rather pay 10 percent (they used to have options to shop without a membership, intended for you to try it).
Of course they are across the street from where I rent porn (wait a minute, this is not the livingroom).
Even more years back, I had and used a sams mebership often and it was well worth it but more local where you could just go and look or pick something up.
About media, I do not burn near as much as I used to, but buy a little every time a good deal comes along, so I got so much stacked on the shelf, its a 50 year supply at my current rate (though I need to burn through a few hundred doing backups, all the crap on my drives, not movies, if I ever get to it). I was more asking for a friend that just got a cd printer and has no good printable media (though I just got one too, the 3 50 packs of verbs I got at microcenter should last a while as I am trying to burn through other media too, but eventually I’ll need more). Maybe between the two of us we can convince someone to guest pass us(if they still do that).
Anyway, nice heads up for my friend (maybe he has a membership), and for me in the future and others. By the way, don’t you hate how when I drink, my posts are always a page or longer…

supermediastore.com time to time have the TY hub printable for $37 shipped for $100 discs. Sams Club, those verbatim -R are horrible. I bought 2 spindles and none are usable, extremely high PIs and PIFs, I am talking about in the upper 400s for PI and 12 for PIF burnt with BenQ 1620, 1640, NEC 3500, and NEC 3520, all with latest hacked/official firmwares. Even burnt at lower speed than rated 16X, I still get high PIFs. I ebayed all my verbatims bought at Sams Club. Amazon hub inkjet printable vertatim data plus line are good, but TY -R from supermedia store are way better.

That makes me wonder if it is a walmart special. Walmart is a very powerfull company, that has bankrupted many small american buisnesses at the expence of their profit. Wal mart has such massive buying power, they can convince the largest companies to bucle, and give up quality… Ilford, one of the largest and oldest surviving companies did it. There are two diffrent ilfford smooth gloss papers, the 250 gsm paper,and the 280 gsm. The 250 gsm, uses a much cheaper backing, and is only avalable at… not walmart, sams club…They basically own remington firearms (again, an old company that walmart has taken over, and I guarentee that with remington, it was a buy, sell way below cost till noone will buy remington because they cannot compete with walmart, then demand lower prices (now that you are the main line of sales). Go bankrupt or become walmarts slut. Most major companies make walmart stuff diffrent in some way, you just have to see the diffrence (one leter in a model number, even a slight discrepency in the specifications of the product).
Rant over (Rant not over, but I’ll stop bitcheing about it). Don’t expect anything walmart to be the same quality (even if it has the name on it), till you tested it.
Ok rant really over now.

those TDK inkjet printable at Costco are even better than the spindles of Verbatim I bought at Sam Club 8 Months ago for $42 per spindle of 100. They are CMC for the +R and TTH02 for the -R. I dont like those because they are not hub printable. I only buy inkjet printable print all the way to the inner circle.

theres no costco here (In TX, for that matter theres no costco (atleast there wasn’t years ago) in Ut so I have never shopped at one (lived a few other places and never ran across one). Too bad, I used to always hear about very good deals on epson phtot paper (back when I was into that), and of course diske deals etc.
Out of curosity, where is costco based out of and what general areas (states) are they in, if anyone has a clue or guess, just wondering…

Out of curosity, where is costco based out of and what general areas (states) are they in, if anyone has a clue or guess, just wondering …
Costco locations by state

Ripit, Costco is a membership store similar to Sams Club and BJs, but Costco is the undisputed king of membership store. I am surprised that you never heard of them. Have you heard of Price Club??? They were Price Club and then changed to the Name Costco. Well, but at least you are surrounded by major retailers

Its kind of fuuny to see all the places I used to live that now have costco’s (still never even seen one). I guess I could have checked that myself (or not). There are actually some in my area (arlington etc). Not local but in the dfw area. So what the deal with them, same as sams, you need to buy a membership to shop?

$40 for a regular membership and $100 for an executive membership where you get 2% of what you spend back (up to $500). Between me and my brother, the executive membership has payed for itself. Plus, their return policy is unbeatable.

Ripit, they give you 6 months to return an item. Some people actually buy a desktop or a laptop, use for 6 months. Once the desktop/laptop become obsolete, they return it for full refund and repurchase an updated system. Thats unbeatable even Target only gives 3 months. But I dont want to abuse that refund policy and I hate folks who is abusing that refund policy

I got in on that deal at costco a couple months back, buy one get one for $42/100, 16x inkjet printables, that had a couple different MID’s, I knew to get MII MCC04’s, they are T02 quality. :stuck_out_tongue: wish I got more :smiley:

compusa has 100 for 30 dollars this week, mem0 16x media code CMC MAG M01

I might be tempted to try that, but I have so much good media on the shelves (lots of mcc004 including printable ones), that I wouldn’t even dare buy that much.
Nice heads up if they are printable though (been guienne pig plenty of times, I’ll let someone else do it now…

Still, its tempting…

they are injet printabe, i bougth one last night.