Looking for HP 9500 or Sony CRX160E Firmware

Hi, All–

I have an HP 8250 that is a rebadged Sony, and have already flashed the firmware twice on this burner, first to a 9100 series, and it’s currently a 9300.

I suspect that I can flash it again, this time to the 9500 specifications (12X8X32X), but to do that, I need the firmware from the HP 9500 or the Sony CRX160E.

Would anybody happen to have this firmware? OR, perhaps it could be extracted from an existing burner (by “backing up” the firmware to a file, using the firmware upgrade flash utility).

If anyone has this file, or perhaps can obtain it from an existing burner, I would greatly appreciate it if you could post it, or send it to me in e-mail.

Thanks in advance!