Looking for Herrie Beta 6

Anyone know where I can dll Herrie beta 6. The link to that file no longer works. Was wondering if anyone can post it or send it to me. I recently upgraded to another firmware and forget to back it up.

i have them here…

Jamos, thanks for the help.

Try out the new 1.07 beta 4 and seems to still cause me a problem of getting buffer underrun and bad quality burn. Was wondering can someone send me the old 1.06 beta 6 again. I thought I got it backup , but can’t seem to find it again. Anyone can help?


I don’t think, that anyone uses the old version1 betas anymore, so you won’t find anyone, who has them. I deleted them from my HDD after v2b4 and v2b5 had come out.
If you really need them (whatever reason there should be), try to PM Herrie. He might be the only one, who kept them… :wink:


thanks… hmm… maybe I will pm herrie and see.

What is your email? I have the old Beta 6 if you want.

you can send it to either quiboy@hotmail.com or mtakako@telusplanet.net