Looking for help with HP Laptop and InsydeH20 BIOS



I need to change some settings on my laptop (primarily the SATA Legacy/Compatibility settings), but that’s just not an option in the Insyde H2O BIOS. :a

At the top of the BIOS screen, it says “InsydeH2O Setup Utility Rev. 3.5”

Notebook Model HP HDX 16 Notebook PC
Product Number NB129UA#ABA
System Board ID 361B

BIOS Version F.32
BIOS Vendor Insyde
Serial Number CNF85129WG

Product Config ID 01110000140F10001

– Does this help anyone? I need to find a way to change the BIOS settings so I can get at some of the configuration I’m used to seeing on my Desktop PCs. I need to be able to run Spinrite v6 on my hard-drive, but because it’s a SATA drive, Spinrite is choking, and the instructions say to change the SATA settings in the BIOS, which I can’t.

Any help would be much appreciated. :confused:


Probably that BIOS doesnt have such options available…

A Desktop PC BIOS is mostly different from a Laptops one. :wink:


no these options are not available in your laptop


Well, thanks, guys, I appreciate the input. I was hoping to be able to use this second-hand laptop for troubleshooting other people’s problem computers, but if I can’t troubleshoot its own issues (via Spinrite), then I guess it’ll just have to be a messaging/social networking laptop.



The model Product Number NB129UA#AB is a HP HDX16-1060ED notebook.

It’s latest released BIOS version was on 2009-11-20 , Version:F.32A

Do you have the latest version installed?


Thanks for the search, to confirm the numbers, and yes, I believe I do have the latest BIOS installed. Could you confirm that this “Insyde” BIOS is the official BIOS for this laptop? I’ve never heard of Insyde before, and this almost seems like an aftermarket mod. In vain, I’m hoping it is, because it is severely limited in its options.


Hi to eveyone.

i got a Compaq Presario CQ61 with Windows 7 on it :doh: and i would to change it in XP.

i’ve inserted the XP cd’s and blue window appear with an error…

reading forums, all people say the same thing:
this issue can resolve it changing (into the BIOS) the SATA HDD from AHCI to IDE or Compatibility mode.


i have InsydeH20 Bios and (as i had read in this topic) i can’t change this setting.

how can i figure out from this issue? how can i install Windows XP?

many thanks and sorry for my terrible english :frowning:


Format the internal hdd prior trying to install xp.
With a Laptop you wont need that option set up, I believe.


[QUOTE=chef;2653039]Format the internal hdd prior trying to install xp.
With a Laptop you wont need that option set up, I believe.[/QUOTE]

Are u telling me that i have to remove my hdd and connect it in another pc/laptop to format?? Hmmmm


No, just read my post again.


Chef, maybe it’s unclear to him how to format the HDD as he can’t boot his laptop. I guess this is possible with a recovery CD?


Since your running UEFI instead of regular BIOS you should try disabling UEFI secure boot and Enable Legacy (all under boot options, and maybe change around the order). The UEFI can be a real pain in the …