Looking for help on purchasing a DVD recorder online

Ok, what I was in need is a place online where I can find me a DVD recorder. I want a decent one, with a warranty, that’s not too expensive. No ebay.

All help appreciated, thanks guys.

Give us a clue as to where you are in the world.

Do you want DVD-RAM recording and/or HD recording, integrated digital receiver etc?


I have no idea what that kind of recording you listed is, I just want to be able to record shit off TV, and dub tapes.


Amazon and Newegg.com both seem to be reasonble stores for DVD recorders from what I have heard. Try searching for ‘DVD recorder’ on each, however there are a lot of other online stores have good offers also.

The main thing to check out is their returns policy, such as what happens if the item you purchase is faulty. For example, Amazon will take back a faulty item and offer a free replacement, although it is unclear if it is just for 30 days after purchase or until the end of its warranty. Newegg requires the customer to get in contact with them to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number to return an item for repair or replacement. Generally all new DVD recorders have a minimum of a 1-year warranty regardless of which store you purchase from, however if you are unsure if the store is trustworthy, try checking around for opinions on this store. :wink: