Looking for help for an OEM Ricoh DVD+RW drive



I have an old “Go-Video” standalone DVD Recorder and recently discovered that it has an IDE/ATAPI DVD drive installed. The machine refuses to recognize any type of newer media to record on, however will read any disc that has been recorded to by another means.

The drive’s ID (when it was connected to my PC) is: “RW5240V24M Ldr”. A little research tells me that this might be an OEM Ricoh RW5420, but any type of flasher or loader will not even touch it.

Anyone have a patched version of any kind of firmware that will load onto this drive? the machine itself is currently open and has a Liteon 812@832 in it but the tray doesn’t line up with the opening in front.


is this a Keymat KEDR0001? if it is I “binged” RW5240V24M and it pointed me to a Italian page that has special instructions on flashing firmware
I have no knowledge of the authenticity of the process or the website,so your on own! its the “keymat.altervista” site
good luck!:cool:


No surprise that no flasher wont work, standalones have special drives with special firmwares…


obviously. i googled it 1st and there was one member on rpc a while ago that said he had a patched version but only available thru a PM. dave.evill’s on the right track. im going to give his method a try when i get home tonight.


You can only crossflash such Ricoh drives when they are in Failsafe mode - the drive will be recognized as RicohLoaderv2 or similar…