Looking for good radiostreaming recorder



:cool: what would be a good radiostream ripper?


winamp witht the “diskwriter” output plugin (included).


I’ve never used the record with this but i listen to stations with iRadio all the time > http://www.3alab.com/


Try streamripper for use with winamp.


Based on streamripper technology and using up to 8.000 shoutcast radiostations http://www.radiotracker.com is a easy tool to get with high speed internet thousands of music tracks on hard disk. I have tested the free trial version and I was very impressed. With the premium version of http://www.radiotracker.com I am listening to one station while recording another 10 stations. That´s great. It is very easy to use and allows you to save music with filter function. You can define artist or titles which be saved. Excellent. From my point of view there is only one thing bad: http://www.radiotracker.com cost money. But it is a professional solution for everybody who is not a technical freak and who wants in a short time a lots of musik.


Thanks a lot Ranzi, very nice software u posted here. I can’t wait to see my hard-disk complaining about the low disk space. Works really fine :bow: