Looking for good -R but not Pioneer109 or LG4163

Hi i have a few burners, all of which cannot read some disks bought in south east asia, yet most set top players have no problem reading them.

To avoid buying another burner which uses the same chipset (as is likely to also not read my questionable disks) featured in my current burners i shall list them.

Please note i ONLY use Taiyo Yuden -R media at 4x and only burn video in this case im looking for a burner which performs and is preferred for -R media.

Pioneer 109 and LG 4163

Is the NEC 3520 using the same chipset as the Pioneer 109 or LG 4163 above? Is the NEC known to be a better -R burner rather than a +R burner?

Are there any other -R burners with different chipsets than the 109, LG 4163?


Check out the BenQ/Philips forum and the Liteon forum :wink:

go for the BenQ, more versatile

You could always try removing the drive from your set top player and temporaryly setting it up in your computer. It should have a molex connector and an IDE interface (but no eject, so you have to get the computer software to eject it) that will allow you to effortlessly attach your computer to it. Just copy the dodgy DVDs across and put the drive back.

This is one reason why I dislike dodgy asian pirate copy disks … but I shall leave that rant for another day.

ah yeah thanks for this info rugger, i was totally unaware the drives in set tops have an IDE connection and a molex port plug. Good work :wink:

I would suggest the NEC 3520 if, for some reason, you don’t want the LG. I have burned tons of TYG01 and G02 on all my burners. Take a look at the scan links below as well as the Media Score link.

The best burner I have found for TY at 4X is the LG 4163.

The chipset in the NEC 3520 is the same as the chipset in the Pioneer 109.
The firmware and surrounding circuits make these totally different burners.