Looking for good program to catalog DVD's

I need program witch will scan all CD/DVD remember folders tree and filenames i just want to have something witch is able to made database of my all dvd, so i would need only press F3 type Anime name and it should show me on what DVD it is :f

I have found this to be a nice program.

Movie Collector

:cool: :cool:

I suggest taking a look at WhereIsIt? (Shareware).

Here are a few freeware options, each with its particular advantages and disadvantages. See for yourself which one you prefer:



http://www.wincatalog.com/light.html (click the “Free Download” green button)

Mediaman is the thing for me… very nice interface. And the search option is usefull (search for description on amazon)

I just lock for the site… seem’s to be down???