Looking for good DVD+RW media for NuTech DDW-081/082


I’m looking for good DVD+RW media for NuTech DDW-081/082 (B373).
Can you recommend some good ones.
I already try some RW’s from TDK , but my burner couldn’t recognize them.


I’ve tested Ricoh 4x and Phillips 4x on my NuTech, the Phillips has much lower error rates, but both types are readable.

AFAIK the DVD+RW which is shipped out with the NuTech Drive is also a Philipps DVD+RW. The PI error rate was about 300. With normal Verbatim DVD+R the PI error rate was about 5. Is it normal that DVD+RW has higher error rates than DVD+R?

If you use the Nu drive for error testing, the PI/PO rates will be several times higher than they should be. I get very low error rates with the Phillips +RW when reading in a LiteOn drive. YMMV Ricoh 4x+RW produced PI rates of several hunderd max.

how do you know that?
maybe it is vice versa.

The Nu drives return errors in larger ECC blocks, more than 8 ECC AFAIK. The total count will be the same as a LiteOn drive, but max value will be higher. Same for PO, the max values will be pretty high. It’s alright to use it for scanning, just don’t compare the results to LiteOn drives.