Looking for good advice on Divx/Xvid/etc

I am trying to compress a dvd movie down to about 700 to 1gb while still maintaing crisp image on television. I seen some good compression. I just never here much about what software/settings/codecs used/time it took to compress. If someone can point me to a very effective way to ahcieve this goal I would appreciate it.

I am currently going back and forth between clonedvd mobile and auto GK. Both are good for different reasonS. Auto GK seems to look better and compress smaller. Clonedvd mobile is quicker and no need to use another software to group the files together.

I know there has to be some people out there who think they got a great system for doing this stuff so feel free to share. I am all eyes. :slight_smile:

This is a good forum. I have learned alot in just a weeks time. Hope to keep on learning. Thanks.

I like to use DR Divx to encode stuff that is not going to be on actual DVD Video - could hardly be easier, and it’s free.

Dr. Divx seems slow. Is there any faster software/settings/anything?

Are you happy with the quality of the conversion, even if it may not be super fast?

It was good. Just not really what I am looking for. I am trying to find something quicker. Dr. Divx is pretty much the same as what I got now.

Which software, if ya don’t mind me askin?

Auto GK. GK stands for Gordian Knot (I think). DVD Mobile is the other one I use, kinda. I’m still looking. DVDMobile has been quickest so far. 2 hour movie in 40 mins. This would make me happy if it had better compression settings.

Cool. Thanks

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